The only moment

The only moment

As I sit here in wonder, the sky’s rich darkness brings with it a stillness,
but my feelings find themselves entangled in the wondrous vibrancy of the night
which I know in the warm embrace of the single lamp that shines for me,
and in the dancing of droplets from a fountain unwaveringly rejoicing.

Birds sound as they please, crickets make their presence known,
and here the wonders of the night bind to my being.
This is when my heart races against my thoughts,
 and my heart knows it will win - it already has long ago.

The commanding tranquility of the night means nothing in this moment,
time and tranquility both lie discarded and forgotten.
The darkness seems to be ever-fleeting, now conquered by quiet passions,
yet this moment still feels like it's the only moment in time.

Nicholas DuVal
Inspired by “living on air and love” by Malcolm DuVal, 2014