Alternate lyrics to Adele's "Make You Feel My Love"

[Verse 1]

Each night’s too long, I’ll think of you and won’t give in,
since I met you that’s the way it’s been.
Why is it that my greatest sin, is,
to be the one in love?

[Verse 2]

You’ve known the way I feel, I never lie to you,
 I don’t even know what good it would do.
You could tell because no one knows me like you,
I never had to say.

[Bridge 1]

Surely I’d know by now that it can’t be,
and that my love will fall to ruin.
Why is it that you’re still all I see?
You don’t want the love I shower you in.

[Verse 3]

I couldn’t change your mind, but I’m glad he can,
I know things can’t always go as planned.
I’ll keep my place and let you have your man,
I want what’s best for you.

[Bridge 2]

I don’t know what I’m missing that you need,
But whatever it is, I hope you’ll gain.
Time is racing way too fast for me,
but you’re well so I won’t complain.

[Verse 4]

I’ve known you’d be leaving soon, you’ve made that clear,
and that day’s now drawing very near.
Losing you is now my greatest fear,
I’ll have to face it soon.
It won’t be me and you

Nicholas DuVal